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Seawalls and what to look for

Although our area does not experience major tides we do have plenty of rain and erosion that causes a threat to any seawall and easily separates the strong and well-maintained from the weak. Water runoff of just a few inches from your roof, pool or a sloping backyard after a common Florida rain can beat on your seawall.

Seawalls can be the single most expensive property repair or replacement that any waterfront homeowner may encounter, they cost more than swimming pools. The investment you make periodically to perform routine maintenance and repairs can greatly increase the longevity of your seawall and save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

- Keep an eye out for -

Sealing and patching is a common maintenance practice. All walls have sections between panels, which accumulate rocks, cracks, holes and are at risk of loose joints over time. 

Often, an old seawall will show signs of leaning outward by as much as a foot or more. Causes are usually due to upland pressure brought on by pool construction or heavy loads like garden walls or big trees. 

If you suspect that the integrity of your seawall has been compromised in any way please reach out to us for a no cost estimate.

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