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The importance of laying a solid foundation

Driven piles are relatively easy to install as they displace the soil/water around them. Other driven foundations may require you to physically remove the soil before you lay the foundation, undermining the integrity of strength of the overall foundation while also costing you more time and money! Strength is what you need for the best possible foundation to support your dock in the years to come. Eliminate guesswork, and create a reliable and cost-effective foundation by laying a driven piling network.

How to create a solid foundation

Foundation piling is the one section of your dock construction that needs close scrutiny. At the end of the day, your entire dock rests on the strength and integrity of your foundation. When installing your foundation, there are three primary considerations to keep in mind:

1. Prevent Rot

Most especially if they are made from wood. Ensure they are coated with adequate chemicals to stave off wood rot. Otherwise, look at alternate materials such as fiberglass or reinforced concrete.

2. Create a protective barrier

Considering the amount of time your pilings are going to be submerged in water, a protective barrier must be created around them before driving into the ground.

For example- wrap wood pilings.

3. Protect your pilings above water

This comes in the form of piling caps. They protect the section of your pilings exposed to the sun from UV rays, rain, snow, and other elements.

Choosing the right type of piling

Treated Wood Piling – Treated wood pilings are used for a myriad of things, from telephone poles to standard landscaping fences and throughout most marinas. The type of wood piling you need to consider is adequately treated for salt-water immersion. Look for treated wood pilings with a saltwater immersion treatment of 2.5 CCA.

Greenheart Wood Piling – This form of wood is known the world over for its incredible strength and durability. This rainforest hardwood is perfect for extreme construction applications and is almost four times as strong as treated pine or fir wood variations. Greenheart wood is also amazingly resistant to marine bore and decay – they don’t even require prior chemical treatment!

Fiberglass Piling – Although a little pricier than wood pilings, fiberglass pilings are known to last decades, with very little deterioration. They do not tend to rot, crumble or rust and are worth the investment for a dock foundation that can last up to thirty years!

Protect your foundation piling

To save yourself a whole lot of heartache, it’s important to make the initial investment in protecting your piling before it’s sunk into the ground. This protection is known to extend the lifespan of your piling, tenfold, while also reducing environmental impact.

Opt for a pile sleeve to be applied to your piling before setting them on the ground. These pile sleeves are manufactured from PVC and heat shrunk around your piling for a perfectly snug fit and the ultimate protection. Professionally applied piling wrap will protect from bores, erosion, and wear and tear over the years.

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